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We are family and friends of victims of false memories who want to reconnect with our loved ones


We are an informal group of family members and friends of loved ones lost as a result of implanted false memories of child abuse who, together with survivors of implanted false memories, want the world to know this tragic mental health problem exists.

Many of us had never heard the term 'false memory' prior to receiving a shocking email or letter from a son or daughter, brother or sister, grandchild or best friend, and then only after many months - or even years in some cases - spent trying to understand what happened to have caused our loved one, who grew up in a loving, well-functioning and happy family home to have such a sudden personality change.

We've come to know each other through social media and through False Memory Syndrome Foundation referrals. Yes, we want the world to know this tragic mental health problem exists to prevent it from continuing to harm innocent people.  But most important of all, we want our lost loved ones to know how much we care, and how much we want them back in our lives.

Smiling Through Tears
by Pam Freyd & Eleanor Goldstein

False memory recovered memory therapy

Dozens of books have been written on the false memory problem that arises after vulnerable patients undergo suggestive therapy. But none is quite as charming as Smiling Through Tears. By skillfully interweaving professional cartoons with valuable information about the repressed memory controversy, therapy gone crazy and the power of suggestion, Freyd and Goldstein educate readers about one of the major problems in contemporary society. It's a must read not only for families which have been affected, but also for therapists, their patients; for educators and their students; and for people who care about people.
Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., Author of The Myth of Repressed Memories.





This website by
Family and Friends
for False Memory Victims

There is no question that child abuse is wrong.  

Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime.

FalseMemory.net is about false allegations of child abuse
based on false memories implanted during psychotherapy.


Read this excellent account by a father of how his son came to accuse him
of childhood sexual abuse and then recant almost ten years later...

by Adriaan Mak

"Contact with my son was re-established in 1999 when my son called me, announced that I had become a grandfather, and that he wished for me to see my granddaughter. He informed me that this did not mean that he was retracting the allegations of incest. We were not to discuss that issue he told me.  Since that time I visited his family regularly. In 2000 he called me out of the blue to tell me that he had come to see that his allegations of incest were false. I told him that I would be right over to hear about that."

Again we walked through streets as he explained what had made him change his mind. I heard for the first time that in addition to what he told me eight years before, he had acquired additional beliefs that he and I had been involved in a Satanic Ritual Abuse cult, and that when he began to realize how absurd these ideas were, he also began to doubt the other beliefs he had acquired in therapy."

Read Adriann's full story...



If you have an estranged loved one who has had false memories
 of child sexual abuse planted during therapy for a common problem
 like depression or anxiety, and you would like to post a message or photo
to her or him here, please send an email to:  Pat@FalseMemory.net

Maybe some day he or she will see it. 
Maybe some day he or she will reconnect with you.
Never give up hope.